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About Us

We are committed to offering a road map to a travel lifestyle for you, by tailoring adventures based on your personal desires and helping to create lasting memories. We will utilize our extensive travel experience to help customize your perfect vacation.

What’s behind the name?
Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel® was born out of the unimaginable feeling of pleasure and the excitement I got after receiving a stamp in my passport from visiting other countries. This feeling outlasted my vacation and kept me yearning for more. It was only fitting to name the company Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel®.

About Me…
I have always had an inexplicable passion for luxurious travel. I love to not only experience new places, but I truly enjoy being pampered along the way. Living and creating a travel lifestyle is an essential part of my being.
I was not always able to go on vacations as much as I desired due to family obligations, career, and other commitments. Simply, life just got in the way. As time went on and my family dynamics changed, I was able to explore my passion for travel more frequently. As I began discovering the world and sharing my experiences, I was frequently sought out by family and friends to plan their trips.
As the requests went beyond my immediate circle and others entrusted me to service their travel needs, it became apparent to me that travel is my true passion. As such, I decided to extend myself to anyone who shared the same desires.

Please allow me the opportunity to apply the attention and dedication your travel deserves.


Lisa McGregor

(954) 641-TRIP (8747)



Lawana Brown

240 560-8986